Our company is dedicated to making ecologically responsible decisions when it comes to our purchases, how we manage materials and how we run our transport logistics. The Démolition des Rivières staff is rigorously trained in order to take part in various LEED projects. Our company has already undertaken several public-sector projects which require high levels of recycling and revalorization.


As well as recycling and revalorizing a large portion of the materials we handle, our environmental team maintains close ties with several partners who have been accredited by Quebec’s Ministry of the Environment and other Canadian authorities.

Our network of partners is made up of companies specialized in recycling and revalorizing various materials. Sorting and recycling while coordinating transportation to the centers that offer the highest rate of material recovery means that we can maximize the amount of material we recycle and revalorize. Our staff are continuously trained on environmental issues meaning we can guarantee improvement in our performance ratios in this field.