Health and safety
Démolition des Rivières is committed to ensuring the highest health and safety standards in the workplace. We hold the firm belief that there is nothing more precious than human life. We are conscious of health and safety and the physical well-being of each of our staff members and partners. We are ready to make every possible effort to ensure that they are protected.
Our health and safety departments, construction site operations, project managers and engineering departments work in close collaboration in order to mitigate and eliminate certain risks. In order to do this, our action plans are developed in line with industry standards and adapted to face any changes in working conditions. Each member of our team is trained to be able to ensure the smooth operation of action plans and to revise and adjust them when necessary.
The steps we take to ensure a high level of risk awareness encompass all levels of our organization without exception. This includes the management team, on-site workers and the various engineering and project management departments. Each member of the team plays a vital role in the development of new health and safety programs in the workplace. Our philosophy of continuous improvement means that our members can, today, draw from the experience we have gained in order to protect tomorrow’s workers.